With Resonanz, Telcosystems present an electronic book combining a series of visual artworks with sound. Incorporated in the structure of the book are sensors and electronics, providing each page with its own unique soundtrack, which can be listened to via speakers or headphones. While a score comes to life in sound, Resonanz presents sounds visualized in a series of rich and detailed visual narratives.

Resonanz is an electronic book that I had first dismissed. Until I tried it. As you turn the thick pages of the book, you encounter a different pattern along with a different soundtrack. It’s strangely hypnotizing. I turned and turned the pages, each time trying to think about the possible connections between the colours and patterns printed on the pages and the sound they emitted.’ — Régine Debatty we-make-money-not-art.com

2015 / 12 sound compositions, 12 generated images
Image & sound by Telcosystems
Typography by Anagramme, Amsterdam
Printed by Drukkerij Robstolk, Amsterdam
Binded by Handboekbinderij Bronsgeest-HABI, Leidschendam
Published by Spatial Media Laboratories
Supported by Mondriaan Fund, Creative Industries Fund, City of Rotterdam

The work is published by Spatial Media Laboratories in a numbered and limited edition of 200 and is available for € 245 here.

ART Rotterdam, Pushing de Score, De Player, NL, 2017
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL, 2016
Stedelijk Book Club: Press! Print! Publish!, Amsterdam, NL, 2016
Frankfurter Buchmesse, Flanders and the Netherlands Pavillion, 2016
Open Fields Exhibition, Riga, LV, 2016

PRESENTATIONS — Artist talks and lectures
Refrag Festival, Parsons University Paris, FR, 2017
Pushing the Score, De Player, Rotterdam, NL, 2017
Experimental Publishing, Willen de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, NL, 2017
Showroom of Contemporary Sound, Zagreb, HR, 2016
Graphic & Interaction Design, ArtEZ Academy, Arnhem, NL, 2016
The ArtScience Interfaculty, KABK, Hague, NL, 2016