In its continuous sound and image exploration process, Telcosystems are focused on the research of the relation between the behaviour of programmed numerical logic and the perception of a conversion of this behaviour into the physical world. Following the idea of the composition into a unity of human interactions and mechanical behaviours and having in mind the intuitiveness of such processes of composition, they create a form of live cinema in which auditive and visual domain are united in a sensually impressive spatial experience. Exceptionality in the approach of generating abstract visuality and audibility lies in their understanding of image and sound as a unique entity, and in blurring the boundary between the visualisation of sound and the emergence of sound from the visual. Mortals Electric is a vivacious interaction between a multi-layered, abstract spatial graphics and besieging audibility, inspired by a sharp, restrained and lucid aestheticism closely related to the utilised technology. Layers of strobing organic structures, deep machinic drones, and waves of digital noise introduce a powerful provocation to the limits of human sensory apparatus, opening an unusual 360° spatiality to the new forms, which definitely presents a challenge to the acquired cinematic experience.

Mortals Electric is a 30-minute audiovisual performance made to be experienced at high-velocity full impact, challenging the limits of human sensory perception. It is to be presented in a cinematic environment; completely darkened, spatial acoustics optimized for surround experience with audience preferably seated.

2008 / 30’ / HD / 5.1 surround / audiovisual live performance
Image & sound by Telcosystems
Produced by Spatial Media Laboratories
Supported by Fonds BKVB

Electro Mechanica Festival, RU, 2013
Stalker Festival, ES, 2011
EMAF, DE, 2011
Ann Arbor Film Festival, US, 2011
wats:ON Festival Carnegie Mellon University, US, 2011
UWM Union Theatre, US, 2011
STRP Festival, NL, 2010
Re:Visie – Nederlands Film Festival, NL, 2010
Videoex, CH, 2010
film³ [kyü-bik film] Exhibition, NL, 2010
Cimatics Festival, BE, 2009
Art+Communication Festival, LV, 2009
L’étrange musique Festival, FR, 2009
Festival Pomladi, SI, 2009
Woodstreet Galleries, US, 2009
Transmediale, DE, 2009
Videomedeja, RS, 2008
Rencontres Internationales Festival, FR, 2008
Roma Europa Festival, IT, 2008
Dis-patch, RS, 2008
25 FPS, HR, 2008
Cross Wire/5 Days Off, NL, 2008
Rencontres Internationales Festival, ES, 2008
Elektra Festival, CA, 2008
10th anniversary O&O Dutch Film Fund, NL, 2007
State of the Image Festival, NL, 2007
Afregelsalon, NL, 2007