From the early days of cinema until very recently light has shone through a piece of celluloid and the resultant moving image was then projected on to a cinema screen. In the last few years cinemas around the world have been gradually replacing this method with digital projectors, aiming to produce picture-perfect images with no flicker, motion blur or stuttering. The days of film-based projection are numbered; the age of the flickering celluloid filmstrip is fading. With Testfilm #2 we pay tribute to the shutter by re-introducing it in the world of digital projection, using it as a medium to navigate the threshold of human audiovisual perception and the darkness that lies beyond.

* Testfilm #2 is the second installment in a series of works in which Telcosystems address the impact of new technological developments in the digital cinema on the world of experimental film and expanded cinema.

2015 / 30′ / FHD / live audiovisual performance
Image & sound by Telcosystems
Produced by Spatial Media Laboratories

Festival for Experimental Music, Klub Katarakt, DE, 2015
International Film Festival Rotterdam, NL, 2015 – world premiere